Dear Lawyers, I am 28 and having a small business drawing 20k a month. We are members of a christian family based out of kerala. my father has inherited property worth 3 crores from his father which he got from his deceased first wife. my grandmother, father's mom is grandfather;s second wife. there are no kids in my grandfathers marriage. my brother is unemployed and my mother is a retred government employee drawing pension. my father has no income. my grandfather is dead and my grandmother, my fathers mom and grandfatheers second wife is alive. my father has 5 sisters and two brothers. as per custom the sisters were given cash during their marriages and my grandfathers property was divided between my father and his only brother and grand mother equally. Now my brother wishes for a share of our fathers property. my parents dont want to give any to him. i have no issues with him receving his share or more of the fmaily property given his unemployed situation. however my parents dont want me or my brother to have any share of the property. is there any way my brother can have access to the property. any strategy at the expense of my share of the property is also welcome.