Non compundable 279

Hi, there was an accident where i hit the car in front of me. the car infront of me applied sudden brakes because of a scooter guy coming on his way and i had to apply sudden brakes and hit the car infront of me...A case was registered against me by police because according to them the person who hit the car from behind is wrong no matter what the situation is. FIR was filed. I have asked the other party to claim insurance and i can pay the remaining amount but they claimed there insurance was expired and bear the entire expenses up to 30,000. I said i can give only 10,000. After 2 days of discussion he agreed to take 10,000 and withdraw the case and I have given him the money. But the police claimed case cannot be withdrawn now but we have to attend the court. A lawyer of the other party claims that the case can be withdrawn in national lok adalat. Is that true. Can a non compundable 279 be withdrawn? if cannot be withdrawn what is the fine or punishment i will be given.I have already given him the money. What do you suggest further.