Right of married daughters in ancestral property?

Dear Sir/ Madam, My grandfather (father's father) had three sons and three daughters (two of them died before 1996). My grandfather died in 1995. My grandfather inherited the house from his mother along with his brother. I would like to know if my aunts (my father's two sisters who are still alive and both are married) will have a right to property in case the property is sold. I am aware of the amendment to the Hindu Succession Act, 1956 that came into effect from September 2005 and grants equal right to property to a daughter. However, if I have understood correctly, the amendment would be effective in this case only if my grandfather was alive on September, 2005, which he wasn't. Would that mean that my aunts would have no claim to the house in case it is sold? I would again re-iterate that my grandfather died in 1995 and he didn't build the house, he inherited it as an ancestral property from my great grandmother. Also, I would like to know whether my aunts have a right to stay in the property in case the house isn't sold? Do married daughters have a right to stay in father's property in case the property isn't sold? Please note that my grandfather never made an will; my great grandmother made a will passing on her house to her two sons (my grandfather and his brother). Please advise. Please also note that we are Hindu and Bengali (Debhaga system)