Economic Abuse

I got married in 2011 nov and on my husband's and in laws insistence became a housewife. My husband has neglected his financial duties towards me since we got married by stating why will u need money as i stayed with his family and stating that she is dumb she will loose money. Since my marriage i had been treated as retarded by my husband and in laws as i didn't know cooking and other household works. i have been a constant subjection to molestation by my husband. I am always treated as a servant subjected to mental harassment by everyone in the family.when i became pregnant my condition became life threatning because of which i had to call my parents and i got released after my father paid rs 5 lac for new car for my husband and i spent the rest of my term with my parents in between my in laws came and threatened me about my husband's another marriage and my husband he visited me for molesting me .during this period he transferred rs 5 lac into jt account for my expenses. my husband never paid a penny to me for my expenses during my last he with great displeasure paid the hospital bills. My harassment increased after i came with my child she is a full term healthy baby but was labelled as weak retated blind deaf dumb etc by my in laws. I recived no help from anyone in the family for rearing my child. Now my child will turn two but still the molestation the economic abuse continues. I get meger 4000-5000 for expenses from my husband. no new clothes are bought for my child. she wears my elder brother in laws son's clothes.My husband does not let me buy gold saying it is worthless investment. Neither does he invests any money except few LIC policies he has taken . If i ask him for money he cries of his EMI's He earns about 13 LPA per annum. He pays for the education medical expenses etc for me and my daughter but never invests money in our name. My entire streedhan is in his locker and I am not even his nominee.I myself am LLM and i dont want to unreasonably create issues for my child.Please tell me am i wrong in assuming i am suffering from economic abuse to a certain limit.