How to save property dispute or breakup

Hello Sir, Trust you are doing great. myself Rahul working in a private company and we are two brothers and two sisters. Our father and mother passed away due to illness. I have devoted almost all of my salary and income in their medical treatment. I am living in a rented house in pune- MHA since year 2008. I am married with no children. After my father passed away ( 2009), my younger brother got his job in year 2009 and since 2009 is living in house build by my father and mother. Soon after my mother passed away (2015) and since after my brother is looking a huge amount of money out of this property by either dispute or keeping the property in Bank against a home loan he wants to take. He has never ever committed a single rupee out of his salary in my mothers treatment ( the job which was originally own by my father) and also soon after he created a lot of drama to move to a new house and sell off this property. My humble request to you Sir, can you please provide a way so that I can stop my brother doing a dispute of this property (?) as I am a private worker and i do not have any resource of other income except this private job and looking into the nature of job, I would be needed to use the same property. 2ndly, i have spent a huge sum of money in my parents treatment since last 8 years and I do not own /have any property of my own. My two sisters are not in favor of any property dispute but to let both brother live in there. My brother even wants / pressurizing me to give a huge amount of Money from me to help him buy a new house in city, having denied this offer, he may go for property dispute and keeping the property papers against home loan which he wants to take. Sir, I know, you can not stop someone to doing something stupid but is there a way, I can stop my brother of doing this. Keeping in mind that he already got the job of my father,living in my fathers house and looking for more money out of property to have him a new house. Is there any way i can put a hold on this property sell. Please help. Regards Rahul Sharma