Problem with in-laws

I got married on 12-4-2015.after two months we shifted to separate room..with some gynic problems we didn't had any physical relation.mean while my friend(he proposed me but i rejected him during engineering college days only..but we talk normally like before) chatted with me ,and asked about my first night that did your first night happen?? i said yes with the intention that he wont message me again after saying so..these messages were seen by my husband ..after this incidence his torture started.he locked me inside the room and went out.he taken all my gadgets and he didn't allowed me to talk with my parents,relatives.he hacked all my social media accouts and still he is using them.i requested him to forgive me.he said ok i don't tell this to any one you too don't talk about this.(but he daily discussing with his dad about this matter .they planned everything )i don't even had food to eat at that father in law informed this matter to my parents(i don't know about this).mean while i got my birthday.on that day they planned me to sent my parents home by saying that my mom want to see me.while I'm leaving my husband said I'll come down to take you home after few days.don't tell anyone about this and i asked him to give my cellphone and laptop he said I'll get bored without you and about phone we said its in repair no so I'll give it later .after went to my parents home they said they want divorce from me.(mean while so many things happend like my parents and relatives went their home to convince but they didn't and they spread the rumors like i don't have character and I'm a bitch).after whatever happened i do want divorce from him .we decided to give divorce but all my valuable things like jewelry ,household needs all are with their only.we gave 3 lakhs as dowry and gave ring and a chain which are of gold to my husband.we asked them to give it back those things but they said we don't have money we'll give gold and home needs.but they want some gold items which are of them.we agreed to everything they they are like they need 2 more lakhs as a bond which should be credited into his account to sign on divorce paper .they took gold loan by keeping my to give my gold back to me they want their gold item (mangalsuthr).by selling it..he'll give my gold back.they calling my parents for settlement and insulting them in front of so many people..they are feeling like i won't sign on divorce papers if they gave all item..I'm like why don't i sign..i too don't want him back in my life..because of him i hatred of marriage and sexual life.they still torturing me and my saying we'll show all those messages to everyone and produce them in court if we don't agreed to their conditions.with all these thing am unable to concentrate on any thing..even i don't want to live this life.. actually i forgot to tell their lies before marriage .they said they have house and half acre land but they don't have anything..they even said his salary is of 25000/m but actually he gets 18000/m for that one year.(contract based) actually he gets [deleted].about his age they said birth year 1984 (he don't know exact date of birth) but actually his birth year is 1980 (mine 1990) as per certificates.after marriage i asked him to tell the truth about all these things he said because of his father background (who went to jail for 14 years in murder case) and with this age no one is ready to marry me.with this reason they lied to us. now tell me what I'm supposed to do now.. i know this is too long message .sorry but i don't have any options. thanks in advance.