Breach of promise to marry

I met a guy through matrimony site for an arrange marriage.we were introduced and went forward with the proposal.we both liked eachother.unfortunate circumstances made his family take a stance against us.they didnt want to continue with the relation.the boy still liking me promised to stay by me to marry.i went with it believing he would marry as he took a stand against his family.he convinced me and my family he will marry me only.we waited for 6 months so as to convince his family to give us we both wanted to properly marry and not run family supported him and me as they trusted him. I got physical with him believing he would marry me as he said so.and we even went to register our marriage under special marriage marriage act.we were goin to marry on the next month.he still believed his family would come around.but because of his family prressure he backed out sayng i cant do it.i wasted my 6mnths.ever1 in my family relation knows im with him. My life is shambles.i cant marry anymore as my trust and my families trust was destroyed. Can i sue him for the emotional trauma and for breach of trust to marry?