Applicability of Domestic violence act

We are three brothers from our parents. My eldest brother, Amit, got married in 2007 and separated from my parents' home with his wife since Oct 2008. He has two daughters from this marriage and he lives in rented place since Oct 2008. He barely earns Rs 6000 per month and cannot provide for his wife and daughters. My parents gave him help financially many a times even when he lived separate. But now he came on 11th Jan 2016 and asked my parents that he want to come back in my parents' house and if he is not allowed he will commit suicide. He grew aggressive verbally and so ,I (youngest brother), with my father went to police station that he is creating such a ruckus in front of our house. Police on the next day arrested him under 151 and made him bound (paaband) for 6 months. The matter is of property and he wants a share in property though my parents have no property except for the house we live in. So in retaliation my elder brother's wife lodges a complaint of 498a (not sure, police officer said dowry) on 25th Jan and are now blackmailing us to move in my parents house. So the case of dowry is made upon father-in-law, mother-in-law and brothers in law but not on the husband. We are afraid of the arrest provision since my mother has govt job and I am preparing for civil services. We made an offer of money to them but as of now to no avail. They (eldest brother and wife) are living separately since 8 years and still threatening us. My lawyer says anticipatory bail is of no use because then you somehow accept that you have committed the crime. Please advise me.