In-laws are harrassing me and my husband for dowry.

Dear sir, I am a 31-year-old female, married for about 4 years. Ours was a love marriage. Immediately after our marriage, me and my husband separated from my mother-in-law (the house which my late father-in-law purchased and built, is in my mother-in-law's name), as she was not happy with our marriage. But shortly after a month or so, she called us and requested us to live with her as she was all alone, my brother-in-law (husband's younger brother) lives in Muscat, Oman. But then she made our lives hell. She was constantly abusing us, especially me, for not bringing anything from my parents. My husband supported me and we again separated from her. For the next 2 years, we lived away from her. After the birth of our daughter, she and other relatives asked us to come and live with her and promised that she would not abuse us. Then, we again moved in with her. For 1 or 2 months, everything went fine. But then again, she started abusing us. This time, my sister-in-law (husband's elder sister) would also come and abused us; previously also she was constantly calling my mother-in-law and encouraging her to abuse us. My brother-in-law is also involved in this. My husband supports me and is now thinking of separating permanently from her, but she has threatened us of filing police cases against us. Kindly advise upon the options we have.