Got second marriage wth out telling about first marriage

Hello sir, My home town is Hyderabad. I got married in 2006 to my relative. My husband is working in USA since 2000. Before our marriage my husband used to meet a girl in online. It was happened in early 2002. She was punjabi girl. She was a PG student from Canada when they met in online. They used to meet every day and that friendship became love. They wanted to get married. One day she came from Canada and they met in Las Angeles. She told my husband that shw was already engaged, But she didnt want to marry that guy (who ever her parents chose), she wanted to marry my husband. They decided to get married on the same day. They did it in the court. The date was august 2002. They thought they would convince their parents after marriage. After few hours of marriage she went back to Canada. And my husband came back to his place(Fremont). since that day my husband didnt get any messages or mails. She didn't respond to anything. after few days My husband went to Canada to meet that girl. He said everything to her parents about the marriage and showed them marriage certificate. Her parents got shocked and asked few days to take opinion that issue. So my husband came back. After one month again he went to Canada to know what would they tel. But this time they didnt agree that marriage and ask him leave her for ever. They threaten him. and had beaten that girl. And that girl also asked my husband leave her for ever. He didnt have choice and came back. After that he filed case in 2005 as his marriage was not worth. And the court made the case nullity as they didn't even live to gather one day. After 9 years of our marriage life my husband told all these things today. He didnt tell anything about his first marriage before he married me. He didnt even have any intention to tell me this. Fortunately when he was applying for US citizenship he had to tell me all this. Now what should I do. He cheated me by not to telling his first marriage. I want to file a cheating case on him. If i file case on him what will happen. will court punish my husband. What about my children custody. I am not working. will court give me alimony. if it is how much percentage i can get. Please can i get all the details. Thanks in advance.