Fraud by the cousin brother and uncle

I had suffered from humilation and stress because of my uncle(fathers brother) and my cousin brother,they had cheated my father several times since 2013.On the occasion of my cousin brother marriage in march 2013 they had borrowed money from my father for this purpose and said that they would give it back till the endof the year 2013,and due to relations my father had not taken any gurantee.So far they had not even returned a single paisa,but instead of which they had taken more money from my father to play lottery in 2014 because they need large sum of money.As my cousin brother live away frm my home i could not make any predictions about his wealth,but my uncle lives with us i know he had money but will not give rather say you take from his BHANJHA.In may 2013 i had came to know that by listening to his phone calls that he is saying to his BHANJHA that no requirment of giving money back to my father.The twist came when i fighted with my cousin brother because of that,my uncle with his friend a property dealer(manoj) warned me.Now my cousin brother is buying a house and his father had given up his job.So he again cheated my father and taken money for welfare of his mother(sister of my father) welfare.And my uncle has done enough support of him and also left some people after me to inspect that i did not come in thier way.My uncle also did not have his own house.My uncle people are countinuosly following me,in that case i had suffer from mental sickness and stress because of his people.So i decided to click their photograph and note the number of autos in which they follow me.I also have strong estimation that my uncle is countinuosly taking help from the property dealer MANOJ.And my uncle is also having shares of my grandfather on half of which my father had a claim.