Mental cruelty by wife and her family members

Hi sir.. I have married since 5 months.. I am government employee.,she is housewife. After 2 weeks of marriage we both live in separate rental house from my hometown which distanced about 200km. After 1 month of marriage we had gone to my native place. She told me that your father doesn't give respect by speech..So i won't come to your home, incase if I come i don't have food and water hereafter.. I advised her that don't behave like this.and also don't know to old age persons How to speak..and told her didn't mind it.. After 45 days of marriage she argued me that i won't come to your house and told that my parents did mistake..i should have married somebody else (cooly occupant /Weaver)..i shall ask divorce one day surely ..i will remove mangalsutra.i shall live without you and my parents because i am post graduate. I was upset due to her speech.. Even After this incident i advised her.. But she demand me that your parents should not come to my rental house., They are like dead bodies, you have to give them money only for food every month.After 2 months of marriage her mother visited to my rental house.That time her mother insults me in front of my house Owner family and some other people(she repeat words what my wife said like that) ..when i went to her home on deevali day (they didn't invite me properly) they didn't allowed me. I asked her to come with me but my wife told that i am going to file divorce.. I ll stay at my mother home for some days. I returned to my workplace after this matter..i avoid to speak with her through phone. But she called me frequently and told that i have asked for divorce just for fun.,why didn't you speak with me.. I told that i am on depression because you asked me divorce and I need some more time.. After 1 month, without my knowledge she came twice with her relatives about 20 people to my hometown (not coming to my house, ) and she told public that i need settlement and justice through community heads.she also said that my husband is psycho, have affair, big lier, hereafter i won't live with him.. And insult me and my family by cruelty. I avoid such community head settlement.. I informed through mediators if she wants settlement /marriage breakup go for legal procedure. I won't come for community head settlement.. Afterthat I have received call from her mother told that my daughter attempted suicide by hanging..immediately you should come to my home. But i found that this is drama so i didn't go there. For last 3 months we are living separately. what should i do?