My girlfriend is being threatned and beaten by her parents. Help!

Me and my girlfriend are in a relationship from almost 2 years. My girlfriend lives in a remote area in Gujarat and i'm from Rajasthan. She is 21 years old. We plan on getting married as soon as i attain the age of 21(on 23 Jan 2015). Her parents have taken her Mobile from her and said that they will not let her study anymore. We both used to study in Rajasthan but we're on a break untill september. We are in a serious relationship and we both are adults. They beat her on small things and threaten her and use bhot pareshan karte hai. We both are doing CS so we both know about law in India, like CPC, CrPC, etc.(but not a lot). She wants to get out of there but being in a remote area she cant get out of there. Her father is rich and i think he can bribe policemen too. They have confiscated her documents( marksheets, ids,etc..) and even her money, ATM Card and laptop. They have beaten her yesterday too. She said to me that she has the DANGER to her life if she stays there. I know all this because i gave her a secret sim so that we can communicate. She only wants to get out from there and she doesnt wants anything except her documents and all. We plan on working and earning our living ourselves. Can anyone please help me on how can i save her and compell her parents on letting her go, even by legal proceedings if neccessary. Should i go to police or directly institute a case.??? Please Help !