Theartening false dowry haressment case

We got married on 09th NOV 2014. we not asked any dowry for marriage. they done marriage in their native (where we only 10 family members - all food, travel, accommodation was spent by us, we have bank transfer proof.). My wife was found pregnant on 02 FEB 2015, she works in scope international,, rs 14000 salary, so i asked her to take 3 months leave for pregnant. But she put fight for tea on 15 MAR 2015, went to her mom house. till now not yet returned. She aborted our baby with my concern on 03 APR 2015. After that also her grandpa, threatened us that they will give dowry harassment case. After that we asked her & her parents to send her back to continue marriage life. but no response from their side. 10 JULY 2015, I have undergone major surgery, for that also no one came from her side. 9th SEP 2015, my father giving her things in her house, for that also she put signed that, they received all her things. Now 7th JAN 2016, My mother expired due to more stress of this incident. For funeral also no one came from her side. So now she asks for mutual divorce, were her family arranging for second marriage for her. Please let me know. Whether now avoiding mutual divorce, will create any future problem to me & my family. Whether I can ask any compensation from her family. Please advice Thanks & regards, Magesh.J