Regarding Demarcation

My name is Narender Sharma my property case was in Delhi high court with DDA for demarcation of my property which was demolish in year 2000 after that we filled the case in high court in year 2014 order are passed by court to SDM for carried out the demarcation within one month and case was dispose off. Demarcation was jointly carried out by the DDA & Revenue office in this report they said that land belongs to DDA and report submitted in high court . Again we appeal in high court as DDA did not follow the demarcation rules and they did not shows any authentic proof that shows that my land belongs to DDA. My appeal is accepted by the honorable court and this time judge order to DC(Revenue Office ) look into the matter and do the proper demarcation follow the demarcation rules. After 2 years hearing in DC office order was passed that proper demarcation must have to be carried out for resolve the confusion between me and DDA. DC order in 2012 that within one month demarcation has to be complete and all the expenses will be borne by the DDA. till take no demarcation is carried out . I do not know what to do next pl advice & guide . Thanks & Regards Narender Sharma Mob- [deleted]