hubby not appearing physically for bailable warent

I got married married last year in Patna (BIhar) .From day one of my marriage my husband and in laws are harrassing me for dowery. when things became worst I came back to my parents house i.e. GAYA(BIHAR). I sent him a legal notice for ammicable settelment he filed a case of divorse on me in Patna family court. Later I filed a case of dowery (498A) and a case for maintenance on him in Gaya (bihar). the trial took place on Sdjm court where my husabnd was charged for asking dowery and harrassing me for dowery. Now the court has issued a bailable warrent against him.NOw he has applied for bail in gaya court and hearing was on 24 th of this month. I also got notice to be appear so I also appeared. The dist. judge asked me if I want to live with him or not I said "If he will not torture me and not harrase me than I am ready to live with him"".His lawyer said that boy is ready to keep girl along with him but he was unable to come here because he was busy in his office work but he will come after 15 th of JUNE meanwhile if girl wants she can go to his place and live with him" . the court has asked him to appear on the date of 20th of june again his lawyer came with the same excuse and asked for a new date but this time judge asked his lawyer" the boy will have to appear If he is busy he can come by plane, this work is more imp than his office work.there is no issue he can come by plane" again another date was given. His lawyer again came with same excuse on the another date and said "Once the boy said he is ready to keep the girl with him then what is the use of him to come she can go whenever she wants" Again another date is given and I am quite sure he will not come. Now I want to know: 1;) Is there any rule for a boy who is charged with 498(A) case will not appear in the court physically. 2.) How can I drag him to the court as Now I am loosing my patient and want to take strict action against him and want to make him appear in the court. 3.)I am a girl he is wasting my time. 4.)My lawyer is saying he is not appearing becoz he wants his bail to get rejected and can easily get bail in patna high court.Is this true.If yes then how can I pressurise him to come in Gaya court.