Wife demands money in name of children

I am from Delhi married to a Bengali girl from Howrah (West Bengal). Her father stays in Howrah since last 30-40 years but he could not make his own house in the city. He is enjoying type person and make his 2 daughters to work in some companies. He did not make marry his daughters because he wanted to enjoy his life on the earning of daughters. In this view, his younger daughter (My sister in law) made marriage with a Marwari boy (living in Kolkata) without knowing anyone. Then his elder daughter went to her called sister in Hyderabad. Her called sister made her marriage to me in May 2006. They (Hyderabadi people) hide all above mentioned truth before me including that my wife has been worked in some telefilms in Kolkata. Hyderabadi people told me that I must not allow my wife to go to Kolkata at her home. Then my wife came with me to Delhi and we stayed there. She did not have any contact to her family from May 2006 to December 2009. We have a male child (born in 2007) and a female child (born in 2009). After sometime Hyderabadi peoples stopped contacting my wife and she felt alone all from her paternal side and Hyderabad side. After that I realize this is not fare with her father and mother that they have not any contact with my wife. Then I pressurize my wife to go to Kolkata at her home. Then in 2009 I visited first time to her father and mother rented house in Howrah City. There she started again to talk someone which she had contact before marriage for acting in TV. After that my family goes as usual with small quarrels in my house. In some matters, there fault of my mother and in some matters my wife’s. On 11th May 2014, She was talking to her father on phone very roughly. I asked what is this type of speaking to our parents? Then she started shouting loudly in the house with abusing to my mother and sisters. After the clash, I made my wife convenient and she also was happy to me again. But she Started to think run out of my house. In the summer holiday of my children, I made a Rajdhani Train Ticket for her so that she can spend sometime with her parents. At the station, I again made her understand not to care about quarrels in the house. She was happy while leaving Delhi for Kolkata. But as soon as she reached Kolkata, her talking tone has got changed with me. Now she is talking very roughly to me. And I could not answer her roughness as my children are with her. If I speak a little bit loud to answer her roughness, she made stop talking my children to me. Now she is saying that she has got chance to act in the tv serial. For this she has to give Rs. 25000 to acting training institute. She is taking advantage of sickness to my children. And not ready to give my children to me. Also her father and mother are talking roughly to me. Please help me to get my children back to me. If she wants to stay with her parents, I don’t have any problem. But I am sick for my children. In the view of she will start earning again, her father and mother are giving strength to her so that she stay with them and earn there. Also there is selfishness of her sister. After marriage her sister left Kolkata and start side singing in Mumbai. She made a house in rural Howrah and made her parents to live there. Now her sister also wants to stay my wife there with her father and mother so that care taking of her house can be done by my wife. Sir, Please advise me how I can take my children back to me.