Wife stolen jewellery from house-379 ipc

Hi, My wife has stolen jewellery from my house worth a lakh and this was identifying by us almost 6 months back, however we have not lodged a Police. Complaint at that time and send her to her native place along with her family members and to safe guard ourselves we have took her self confession on bond paper and a video where she is confirming the theft. I want a divorce and tell her parents that I will not take her along with me, hence they are harassing and frightening me and my family along with relatives that we will file 498A case against you. We have not done anything and are genuine people. Also theft is not the only reason I am looking for a divorce. So my question is can I file a 379 case against my wife now at the local Police station as I have the confession in video and writing. Only reason I didn't file the complaint earlier (7 months) back was I didn't wanted my wife to be harressed but now since they are showing their colours I don't want to wait Please advise and thanks in advance