My Sister being harassed by her in laws

sister is married for over 15 years and having a son of 13 years old. Her husband always abuses her with words because we did not give any dowry. My sister's sister-in-law ( my siqster's husband's widow sister) is also staying in the same house and they are literally treating her as domestic servant. My sister's sister in law is working for so me NGO and with outsiders she speaks so sweetly but with my sister she abuses her always. She is not allowed to go out even to the nearby temple. She is trying to take the boy from my sister by brainwashing him against her. If they are having any pronlem in their house they wil immediqtely tell that just because of us they are facing the proknlem. My has had a brain stroke during decemner 2012 and after that she lost nooth eyes vision. Ihave to look after my blind mother and I have never troubled thm nor asked any mknetary help for my mokther's treatment. They are staying in Rajasthan. Kindly come forward and help my sister. Edit 0 Answers • Marriage & Divorce