Two wheeler parking problem

I have bought 2BHK apartment on 2008. And flat promoter was marked the common two wheeler parking on exact back side of the car parking slot. Past 6 year I was managed to park my vehicle on common parking area. One of my co-owner has rented his flat to third party. That party having 3nos of two wheelers. Our premises 2 nos two wheeler can be parked under the covered parking area. But rented guys tried to accomadate their 3rd vehicle also to be parked in that area. Due to space constraint, he thorn my vehicle outside parking area with help of police, which is designated as common two wheeler parking area. they asking us to go to court and file the case for parking problem. since common parking lies exactly back side of car parking slot, so they are claiming as their parking slot includes two wheeler parking area. Kindly advise me, how to resolve this issues. Currently i am staying in qatar. my wife is using that vehicle. And moreover in my absence they have thrown my vehicle from that parking slot.