Blackmailing to file false dowry & harassment case by bride

My brother recently got married (2 months before). But his wife & her family wants all controls to be in their hand. His wife works as a teacher in Government school. She is not ready to live with my brother. From last few days, She & her father started calling my family & blackmailing to file dowry & harassment case on us. Few days after the marriage, we also got to know that her brother was involved in some robbery case & they said it has been plotted by his friends. Also, her father is rowdy in nature. We are from a very good, educated family. It's very unfortunate for us to see the reverse happening, where a girl's family is trying to misuse laws for their benefits. My mother fears of wrongdoing from them. Please see below the concerns & request to provide answers to it, 1) Can my family be trapped in false dowry & harassment case filed by my brother's wife & their family? 2) Can we ask for separation from this relationship and how many days it will take us to get separated? 3) Can bride & their family ask for compensation? (Bride is working & groom's earning is very low) 4) Can bride & their family ask for compensation for all expenses incurred for marriage?