Deceit and Cheating and fake promise

Hello Sir, I was in a relationship with a guy. He started the relationship with all fake commitments. Promised to marry me and based on same convinced me to get into the relationship and we started staying together. He has physically used me. After some time, he got the opportunity to go to US, from that point of time he started ignoring me and said cant marry me. asked for dowry if i wanted to marry him. i refused for dowry. later his parents came and we had a huge fight and I came to know that he has lied to me that his parents know about me. He has hit me several times and also called up my father and threatened him. In the mean time, when he refused to marry me, my dad started looking for guys for my marriage. I spoke to few guys and my marriage was also fixed but i refused at the last moment. Also i was in a relationship before, i used to talk to that guy at times. Later this guy cited the reason that he doesnt want to marry me because i talk to my ex. But i believe if this was the reason then why did he approach me even after knowing the fact that i talk to my ex. Later when he wanted to ignore me, he started coming up with all weird reasons. Please help me and let me know if i can file a case or FIR against him. I have lost my peace of mind. All these happened Last year in October.