Grand Father's Property issue

I'm Vishnu MN My grand father had a property and he was tortured by his children other than my mother for acquiring this particular property. Due to all these sufferings he became mentally unstable. He was brought to our home by my parents and was given proper treatments. He became stable but not totally and he insisted my parents to transfer the property to my mother. Now the property belongs to my mother. My uncle ( mother's brother ) filed a case against my parents saying that they house arrested my grandfather and treated him cruelly. And my grandfather changed his mind and started favouring my uncle. So the court concluded that grandfather can live wich whoever he choose. And grandfather chose my uncle and he is now living in Australia with my uncle. But a new case is filed by my uncle and my grandfather against my parents saying that they transferred the property by forcing my grandfather. I need advice on this to help my father. He is an innocent person and he is suffering a lot due to all this.