Please Help - Passport Verification Issue with Old Criminal Cases

Please Help. I was falsely accused in 4 cases of theft 8 years ago in delhi, and my passport was impounded by the court. Then the trials lasted 7 years, and 1 year ago I was acquitted by the court from all my trials and I also got back my passport which was damaged and had holes and also expired. During these last 8 years I went to bangalore and started a new life there and completed my BSC Maths, MSC Maths, and now am getting seat for Phd MAths in London. My present permanent address since last 8 years is of bangalore, and my passport which was issued from 12 years back has chandigarh address. All my id's like Adhaar, DL, Electors Card, Pass Book, Teleplone Bill, etc have bangalore address. Now the problem is that when I do apply for reissue of damaged and expired passport for going to London will the bangalore police come to know about my past 4 cases in delhi? If the police knows then my colony people, and my college will also know about it and I will not be able to bear this disaster. I am asking this because I do not know the process of police verification, and hence do not further know if the police have some database to check for past criminal cases for applicants who apply for reissue of passports. I do not want the bangalore police to know about my delhi past, I was falsely accused and suffered for 7 years because of this as I had to go every 3-4 months to delhi court hearing. Please help me, these questions require advise of great experts like you all. Thank you very much. AC