Divorce based on mental illness

Hi, My wife is suffering from paranoid schizophrenia (bipolar disorder) and she is currently admitted to a local Psychiatry center. This is the second time she has been admitted (last year for a month due to neighbor disturbing her all the time). Earlier also, we were living at some near by rental place and she had a fight with the upstairs neighborhood (Feb 2014). Even while hospitalized, she called police to lodge complaint against hospital / me (not too sure) that she was forcibly bought here and doctor told she is a patient last week itself. Every time, I become the culprit despite the fact that I do not even know these neighbors and she end up lodging a police complaint against me that she needs divorce and everything is because of me. It has been 7 years of our marriage and for the last 6 - 6 1/2 years, we have been living in rental units at different locations with on and off hiccups in our life. Can I do something to protect me and my family, since she has some suicidal tendency and is admitted. Also, what all false cases she can lodge against me and how can I overcome these cases? For divorce, I am still in dilemma and have always given a chance to our relationship. Please help. Thanks! Sam