regarding property dispute

This might sound awkward but one of my friends is facing a family dispute lately his father had a property which was been taken by my friends uncle leaving them with a smaller portion of the entire property however my friends grandfather had invested in many places purchasing plots those plots were distributed among all the sons. My friend's father underwent an attack this year and is partially paralyzed in his absence all the papers have stolen from his place and he has absolutely no idea where these lands are and how much area does he own,he wants to get this property by his name as soon as possible otherwise sooner or later his uncle's might get his father's sign as he is not conscious. We've been talking to lawyers lately but their fees is so high that we can't afford them as most of the part is being taken by his uncle's and his father is not in the condition to fight for everything that he has earned.We even thought of making a will but it can be revised later and he will lose everything that his father has ever earned kindly help us in this situation of crisis.