Oral assault and stalking by a person for taking my dog to walk.

Hi, Normally I take my dog to walk after dinner around 10pm to a ground first so that he finishes its job, as routinely few days ( 3 weeks back ) back when I took my dog ( Labrador) outside he urinated in on a tree which is in front of a vacant land a person who stays in front of that vacant land came out of his house and suddenly shouted at me saying " u can't bring the dog to this road, near my house ,keep the dog in ur house ,.." And all he shouted . I just responded saying my dog has done any harm to ur property there are so many street dogs in this road might be because some dog has urinated on the tree because of that smell he might have also done, for this u can not say I should not get my dog outside . He replied " I would pelt ur dog if it comes here again, and orally assaulted me also and said would complaint to police " I said " if u want to face consequences u pelt my dog " and I left. He followed me till my house took the photo of my dog and mine without my permission . when I asked y did he do that . he just gazed at me, when I asked y r looking at me and following, he said" India is a Democratic country who r unto ask " and left. Is it not stalking offensive in India. He stays just 2 cross after my house, whenever I go out alone also he just keep stalking ( this happened to me yesterday also ) and this has made me uncomfortable and affecting my daily life . What should I do ? Pls suggest me . is it not 'stalking ', also an offensive in India ? I heard it wrt women . is it applicable to men also . ( unwanted look when a male look at another male with an intension to hurt virtually ) ? Pls let me know . thanks.