Frawd in Chit Fund in Kalayan

Hi, I need an opinion on the matter. I have paid Rs. 7000 a month to a lady who was carrying a chit Fund at her premises. She has promised me to pay Rs.15000 with 3000 interest for payment of Rs.12000yearly (Rs.1000 a month). The fund gets started every year in January & I paid this amount 1st time to her. My total amount paid till Dec 2013 is Rs. 84000 for which she was supposed to repay me Rs. 105000 with interest on 27th January 2014. It’s being more than 6 months she is not paying me the money back & always gives one or the other reason. Till date I was polite but 2 days before when I reached at her place came to know that she has done this with more than 50 persons in locality. Thaught to approach local police there but came to know few other ladies that police & amdaar of that locaility is with her. Infact she gave me a dhamki ki “jaha jana hai waha jaao mere pass jab paisa aayega mein tab dungi, 2months, 4months, 2 years or 10 years. I am feeling helpless. Not able to understand how should I proceed further. With her dhamki no one is ready to move ahead or take a step against her. Pls. guide me for it. I will be very much thankfull.