Partition of Property between two brothers

Dear Sir, I have a jointly owned property with my younger brother where both of us stay in two floors. I had contributed majorly in building the property as my brother was not in a good earning position 13 years back. We have jointly taken a house building loan from Bank of India which is going to get cleared after six months. I stay in the first floor with my family but unfortunately my portion of the property is incomplete whereas my brother stays with his family in the ground floor which is complete. Now I want to do a partition of the property keeping my possession of the first floor so that I can mortgage my portion in a bank and get some loan to complete the construction of my portion. Unfortunately my brother is not interested in the partition of the property and is not willing to spend any money for that matter. Please advise me how can I proceed to establish my possession on the first floor of the house through a partition deed forcing my brother to agree to it and spending for this cause jointly with me. Kind Regards, Sumeet