Property Issue

Hi Sir/Mam, We have a problem with our property and Houses built on it - to explain in detail. Its an Ancestor property which was later written on the only four members 2 brothers and 2 sisters the Mother document very clearly mentions that. >when we all planned to construct a House one of my 2nd elder brother was working in a govt insurance firm > for the loan purpose it was transferred in his name to construct the house by all of us. (But the Document very clearly mentions that he is not the absolute owner) >since this was a joint family we all were in same house though it was not divided in papers but everyone knows who owns which floor and everyone was mutual and we planned to move after our Mothers last years. Meantime top 3 floors were rented.(ground floor for the Elder one) >Meantime My husband family and My family had issues which ended up by my sister hitting my husband brother and I was brought back to my Mom’s Home >Later in 3months my elder sister comes back to my Moms house stating she is not comfortable growing her children with husbands family. >later 2nd brother gets married and the Eldest brother moves out due to internal family problems > During this time my 2nd elder brother who has all property in his name gets hospitalized due to severe health issue(Stroke) on the other side my Mom also gets admitted and she died later. > during this time my brother health condition gets worse and has a head operation (due to blood clot) He had all his Medical expenses covered by his company, now my elder sister (3rd daughter) takes a FINGER PRINT on blank sheets of my hospitalized 2nd brother with Witness being her Husband and her sister-in-law’s husband. and when we asked about it she said its for MEDICAL PURPOSES As mentioned earlier she gets her 2nd floor rent from initial stage and she started taking 1st floor rent also claiming she had borrowed some money for hospital expenses >Its been 10 years now recently My Eldest brother showed me all documents related to their name –stating All three floors and half of the land property (2of 4) sold to HER for medical expenses. >And When we asked about it she claimed that she is feeding us(Me and my son ) and argued that it should belong to her later when I called my Elder brother they hit me and went to police station and claimed that we hit them. However police advised us stating that this a family problem you have solve these internally Not just that After this incident I faced a lot of mental pressure and ONCE THEY ALL HIT ME (entire family) for which my son went a lodged a complaint – they have given in writing that they will not disturb us henceforth and moved to 1st floor However they have locked one side of the house claiming that it belongs to them We are facing lot of Mental pressure and I’ve collected all the relevant documents Request you to kindly help us as what steps to be taken further My son guided me on this page - please help