Cancelled wedding after engagement

hi all..I would like to ask,I was engaged in month of june2015 and had marriage date on feb2016. But after 4months of engagement my fiance started behaving awkward and started abusing me through messages and pressurizing me to say 'NO' for marriage stating the reason that he dont like interference of my family in my life.It happened just after we met in month of Oct15 and I told him I am financially helping my family for our marriage arrangements after this meeting he started behaving awkwardly and for continuous two months he abused and provoked through messages to deny for marriage,Lastly when he was unable to convince me through his stupid reasons.He called up my family and insulted them,that he dont like their interference in my life thatsy cancelling marriage. I just want to ask is their any section or punishment for this cancelling marriage without reason and which also hampered my and my family image in society. secondly for abusing myself and mentally tortured me for long time. and lastly keeping view of my marriage I took transfer to another place and which directly hampered my career also as I had to complete 5 years out of my region.but now everything became useless.