Firsr wife creating issues even after being 1 yr to mutual divorc

I had a 7 year old marraige along with a 5 year old daughter from it. Unfortunately things did not work out between me and my first wife so we chose to go for a mutual consent divorce. We got legally separated in November 2014 with the child's custody me with. Alumni has been paid to the first wife. After more than a year to my divorce, i remarried a girl of my choice.. Who has willingly accepted my child and my past. My family did not approve of my second lady because of her low financial background. Since my family disapproved of the new lady.. They contacted my first wife to team up with them so that i would not re marry again even if that is at the cost of reconciliation with my first wife. My first wife is aware about my settled financial condition and she has now changed her mind claiming a revenge on me in influence of my family. They have started threatening and torturing me by saying that they will not let me get married to my second lady by claiming that the mutual consent divorce i had with my first wife was forced on her by me and somehow get fake proofs and become her witnesses so that i dont get an opportunity to remarry and even if i do, it will be considered nill.I have all the legal papers and alumni cheque entry wirh me. I have already married the other girl with her family's consent and we are living in our respective houses waiting for my side of the family to calm down so that we can go public with our marraige . Please help.