Getting Local hindrance and threaten during construction of House

Dear sir/Madam, With great regreat ,I am to inform you that in connection with hairwith my dwelling house ,my present accomodation is so dangerous as I myself including my family members consists of 5(Five) members are living within a tile shaded with bamboo and bricks walls house which is so delapetated at any point of time the same will be fallen and thereby there is a every chance of danger of life and family articles. Accordingly to save life as well as to protect the family articles. I intend to make a new pucca construction and for which I have obtained permission for making new contruction of my dwelling house over the schedule below land.Be,it mentioned that after obtaining the aforsaid permisssion for making new construction I have started new construction upon the schedule below land but some of my neighbours with out any cogent and lawfull reasons have stopped my aforesaid construction and as I am protesting they have threatned me in dire consequences. I have informed the local police station but the local police station did not take any action to that effect.Be, it further mentions that as my present dwelling accommodation is so delapatated and dengerous one so it is very much urgent and necessary to make new construction of my dwelling house otherwise. N.B. I have informed to the D.M.,The B.D.O.,The S.D.O and the S.P.several times but nobody has taken action. Can you please suggest me , what can be next next that I should take.