y husband for last few months cheating me. I collected evidence against him, he is having relationship with other women & separated complain against him in women police station where he given written assurance he will repeat the same. His behaviour changes within fee days again. I decided to move with our daughter from his house & start living with my mother about 15 days ago , during this period he never enquire about us. Last week he infact spent night with a woman I collectedproof for the same. What step now I will against him? This is continuation to question yesterday I caught red handed my husband with one lady inside the car. When I approached towards the car both of them hit me & my 2 yrs old daughter.Somehow with the help po public & police I save myself & my daughter and bring them to police station &register case against them. Both of them got release today morning. In the afternoon police register case against my husband under sec 498A. What should I do now to get the maintenance & bring my essential belongings from my husband house? Today ,Sunday the same lady whom I caught red handed file a non bailable complain aginst me in police station. The concern police officer who is handling my case called me to appear before him. I am very worried what step should I take now? My self belive going down. Please advice.