My wife is not ready to give divorce

Sir /Mam, my name is Pawan age 24 from Delhi , i got married in 2011 after 3 months of marriage things did not worked out as there were alot of fights between my wife and my parents , according to my parents she was not treating them well and was abusive and loud in talking , i use to look after my buisness and was able to return home in evening , afetr coming home i use to get complain from my parents and my wife both , i though to talk to my wife and hear her issue but she was not ready to listen me and was demanding for sepration , i talked to my parenst and they informed me about the issue , according to them that time she was not helping them with househols chores and whole day she remain to spent his time in his room , firstly i didn't belive then i though of taking matter in my hand , i statrted coming back to home in after noon and early in eevening and all i saw what ma parents were saying was right , i never show her helping my mom with thiongs , she use to stay in room watching T.V she even did not come know that i am back home , one day i though of talking to her and get her problem i was shocked with her answer she told me that my mother (she called her bith )has sent me to talk to her , i was sppechless and came to know that she is not willing to resolve the matter all she want is seprate house to live , she told to me that she want to live seprate with out any restriction ,i did not reponded to his non sense demand bcoz i am the soul breeder of my parenst and my younger sister , so how i could i leave them , things began getting worse at home , one day i was out of delhi due to business need , that time she called up her brother in law and went back to her mother home which is rented accomodation , when i came back i was angery and i called up asking her to come back by her own she didnt reply , time got passed on but she did not came back , i took advice from a lawyer and sent him papers through court asking her to come back , the court notice was not received by them mentioning that the person not found , after some time i came to know that they i have rented another accomodation , i called her up asking address but she refused to give same , i used to get call from diiffrent people from her side who use to abuse me and asking me to get redy for worst phase of my life and same did happened she filled 2 cases on me 1st of maintainence and 2nd that i am not talking her back , the case was filled in may 2012 by her side in Ludhiana , Punjab where she is from and by that time i am fightning the same and paying her monthly , i came two no that in these cases court hardly listen to a man petition and every thing goes in favour of women even she is wrong , but few days back judge got changed he was first to listen me and he refered our case to mediliation, as i have suffered alot i made up my mind that this marriage should be called of and we should take divorce, during councelling i said to counceller of divorce infront of my wife and tried to explain this will be better for both of us but she refused saying she will not take divorce and asking me the same thing that now she want to stay with me , after the gap of almost 3 years she want to come back and llive with me but now i dnt have anything for her , all this 3 years she made me live alone then why should i take her back now , now i am fearing that i will be forced to her back without my will , plz help me out with is problem , does law says that if wife doesnt want to diveroce husband cannot do the same , what if the wife files divorce and husband doesnt want then wife is granted the same then why not husband , is there so that i will be forced to live her without my desire to do so , plz help me out i going in depression due to this and few time thought of commiting suicide to end this suffering ..... one thing i missed that i have also filled divorce pettion in delhi court about one and half year back but she did not appreared one and i have send the notice to her different address whare i come to know that she is staying but still she did not appeared and i use to gone at every date in the case she filled in Ludhaina i know its too long but i wanted to mention each and everything i can to get better suggestions