Builder and m broyher are cheating with me.

Hi!!! I belong from Bihar, there we have a piece of land which is in the name of my eldest brother bought by my father when I yet not born. In our family distribution that land has distributed between me and my eldest brother only on a page also not mentioned any khata and khasra no. we brothers were fully agreed and signed on the page. Also we keep that land in my brothers name as it was. now we commonly gave it to a builder to construct the building. According to this I and my brother should get 2 flats each. They also promised me that as soon the contract finalize we will give you a true copy of the contract. But later they denied to give any copy. Later I took myself the contract's true copy from the court. It all happened in 2010. Since the date of construction has expired My brother and the builder are going to sign a new contract without my knowledge. My brother is saying everywhere I'm not going to give me any flat. What action can be taken by me. My father is still alive. Can I sue on my brother and on the builder? Is it possible I sue from here? Since my brother's greed is going very high I and my family afraid that he could kill all of my family by hook or by crook.