Absued and Harassment by Wife and her family

I have one brother and one sister. Both are married and settled in different city. I am youngest son. I stay with my Parent, my wife and my 6 months old daughter. I got married in Dec 2012 that time every thing was fine and it went well for next 6 months after marriage. But after that small small conflicts between my family and my wife expectation became so terrible that my wife is doing her best to kill my parent or trying to throw out them from this house ( House is in the name of my father and he is owner of the house). Small small fight happen in each house between most of Sas and Bahu but now my wife is always try to find a chance so that she can beat physically my parent and even my self too. We tried to communicate many times with her family (my in laws) but they are not giving any response or attention to this matter. They said, resolve your selves. My wife is from a kind of village where lot of tanra-mantra black is done. Her father/mother and she her self can do all tanra-manta and tona. Because of these things my mother is ill for last 6 months. Based on my knowledge my in laws are not trying to resolve this matter but they are persuading her daughter (my wife) to beat/fight with my and my father. I said if no one is happy then lets break and have divorce then also she and her family are not ready for this. She warned me couple of times that she'll kill her self. She has also called many of her relatives and they fought with me and warned me that they'll kill me. They have also kepy stayed on my shop by Tanra-Mantra so my earning is very very less. I don't know what is her or her family plan and what they want to do. In our family no one ask her to do any work or atleast do her work only. There are noting that we are doing something. Even in my house there are only 4 people and on my daughter but house is big enough for 4 people then also my wife does't want to adjust. My mother and father can not talk to each other in their own home. I am really scared of this situation can you please provide me some guidance on this. Now I think that best way to handle this is to knock the door of court. Please provide suggestion / guidance as soon as possible. What are legal action I can take? Thanks a lot in advance.