Used car dealer cheated with odo-meter tempering

I have purchased a used car from the individual dealer throug, the ad claimed it has run 59,000 kms. When I went to service the car to showroom, I was taken aback to know that last service was done last month and it showed 1,75,000 kms in it's service history. Which means dealer cheated me on this very fact, further, dealer claimed that he was the owner of the car and the car was registered on his name, upon inquiring I came to know that car was registered on someone elses name. Now, the situation is I have the car registered on my name, we had no agreements and I have no cash receipt, all I have is a print out of OLX advertisement which displays his name and Mobile Number, price and car pictures and a description of the kms advertised. My question is how can I sue the dealer and possibly original owner? I have his address, name and contact number, further I have the original owner's name, address and contact number. I have called original owner and he said he sold to that dealer with 1,75,000 kms and he has selling agreement with him, he advised me to sue a dealer as he has not tempered odo meter. How could a cheating case be filed? Can I register FIR against both dealer and original owner? As I don't know who cheated, how can I request apex court to cancel a sale and claim compensation? Please advise me. Thanks, Dhaval