Matrimonial House Right of Wife

Dear Lawers, I am 48 yrs of age and my wife is 46 yrs of age having 3 children below 18 yrs. I have residential property on my name where we used to stay before she left. My wife, by her own will have moved out along with children. She called her brother and left along with him saying she is going to her own people. I have another residential property on which I am paying 39,000 as EMI and getting rent of 14000/-. I have business on her name as sole proprietor and have invested @ 22.0 Lacs after I left my job ( I never thought this situation will ever arise). I run the business on her name and earn for the family. She is presently house wife but highly educated.Her parents are no more but have properties where in which she will get her 1/3 share ( 1/3 = @ 40-50 Lacs). But she is not interested in her share and says that she will give it to her brother. Neither of us have initiated legal proceedings and had one meeting with her lawyer. after 2 months.. a) She is saying that she does not have money and no residence to stay, can she claim right on my current matrimonial residence and take possession of it by moving us out? b) She also is saying that she does not have money, I had suggested her to take charge of business, though I may become jobless. She wants fixed money per month and has not shown interest in business. How much money she can ask from me, as maintenance? c) What other benefits she can ask for, she is post graduate and well educated person? regards,