Medical Negligence / Improper Treatment

Kind Reader, Me and My Wife (Patient) Visited the Shri Balaji Action Medical Hospital OPD on 19/12/2015 at 09:00 AM as she had fever, Headache, Body Pain, Joint Pain, Constipation & Chest Pain since 1st of December 2015. at General OPD Where Dr. Narender Kumar had attended the Patient called as My wife and, I, had told the Doctor about the situation of patient with the reports of CBC, LFT and Urine and other past history and current history of patient. After Knowing that Patient is a Government Servant, He directly advised me to admit my wife to the same hospital and wrote CBC, Blood C/S, Urine C/S, LFT, KFT, etc. again. I told him that we just done the entire test Just 2 days earlier but nothing was considered. As I was worried about the health of my wife so I went to Admission Department for Admission of My wife. Where I had told to fill the Patient Registration from again and after signing some more blank documents we were told to pay 10,000 Rs. at Cash Counter. After the admission all the issues started. Ultrasound with TVS and CXR had to be done near by 1:30 pm same day but till 5:20 pm it was not done. when we reached to nurses counter and made loud reaction then only we were sent to radiology department. as doctors were aware that patient is of Haryana Govt employee so they also impose some more unnecessary tests between that time. till 21st of December doctors done all the unnecessary tests but till 21st of December afternoon they were unable to diagnose anything. we had asked CXR was done on [deleted] at 05:55 PM but till 21 of december afternoon not CXR film or Report were shown to us. we had asked several times regarding XRay report or film on [deleted] no reply from available doctors, on [deleted] when we asked again for CXR, Nurse in front of Treating doctors replied that today is sunday, adn radiology department has off. so CXR cannot be come today. even we complaint to same to doctors that "whats that" you admitted the patient and now you are hiding the reports of patient. but doctors had not taken any action on it. on [deleted] at 12:40 pm when we asked for discharge as treatment was not in proper way than only doctors come with CXR report and told us that patient had cardiomegaly. I was shocked after listening to this. I told to doctors CXR film had to come in [deleted] and in CXR it was cardiomegaly then what treatment you were doing? you were making us dupe on the name of treatment. we asked discharge but they forced us to go on lama. as i was aware that if we more stay in that hospital surely my wife will die. as a result of Medical Negligence and Improper Treatment, after leaving on lama we had consulted another doctors now my wife is fit and fine and continuing her job. Now i want to sue the Hospital and to the doctors for Medical Negligence and for Improper Treatment. I had already forwarded my complaint to the A.M.S of the Hospital to the Email id Suggested by the A.M.S. asking compensation. but they are not working on it. even it was admitted by another A.M.S of same hospital that it was Hospital and Doctors Mistake. Please Suggest the best way... thank You