Bill Payments and Property

Dear Sir/Madam, I have few questions regarding the bill payment and property where I live. Sir/Madam, I am single child of my parents and live in Delhi. My father who died 10 days ago has three brothers and this property is in name of my grand grand father and also disputed property. Me and my mother live in a small part of this home. Until my father was alive he do not live with us. He stayed in other room with his brother family and not have good relationship with me and my mother. After his death my ant daughter gave all his bills to us to pay and also told us that my father in his will put her name, this mean nothing belongs to me and my mother. During my father alive he used to give us monthly allowance but now we do not get any allowance and feel isolated. I have following question from you. 1) Do I need to pay bill which is in name of my father, if i donot pay what action according to law will be taken on me or my family. 2) I my father made a will in name of my anty daughter, I will not get any share in the property. 3) I am not aware of my father bank account and savings, How can i get this information. 4) Procedure to make death certificate of my father. Waiting for reply Regards Bhumi