Slum Development done without CC. No Occupation Certificate

Our slum was development in 2000. There was 91 Nos. Hutments. 75Nso. hutments out of 91 were declared as eligible. Land owner did agreement with one contractor for development by giving development rights and power of atoning for getting approval from SRA. Contractor has planned 7 Nos. wings and plans were approved showing Rehab, Sale and PAP flats on the same floor (No separate wings for REHAB, Sale or PAP). Out of 7 wings C.C. was obtained for only 5 Nos. wings. All seven wings were constructed with additional flats at Ground floor stilt area. PAP flats are also sold by the developer and road set back was not handed over to the government. Hence the Occupation certificate and conveyance was not done by developer. Also 10 eligible tenements (having listed in Annexure) were not given possession. These are the problems. Now my question – Can we go for redevelopment in future without O.C. & Conveyance? If Not what should we do now? Shall we go for deem conveyance? If we go for deemed conveyance, we afraid that they will go against us as two wings were constructed with C.C. and FSI was consumed more and PAP flats were sold out by developer. Is it possible to transfer the 7/12 in the name of society if the Land Owner agrees to do the agreement by means of Gift deed or any other way?