helping a defaulter

Dear Sir, This is story of my close friend suddarshan. He is about 52 years. He is a film director and living in hide since 6 years. He is a versatile talent but most unlucky. He had more than 10 credit cards (all are above 3 lakh credit limit) and 3 personal loans since 2005. One of the producers cheated him in the year 2008 and fell down financially all of sudden. He tried to come out of tangle but no one helped him for the same. He had very clear repayment track. There was no single cheque bounce; there was no single late payment or default till 2008. In the year 2008 due to mistake of 4 banks and one NBFC ECS return recorded in his accounts. But said organizations gave him apologies letter. After suffering a lot to come out of problems he left Chennai and settled in Mumbai. There are no assets with him. He is very much talented but he is afraid of banks action and not working anywhere. So many top companies and director friend are inviting him to work. He is not accepting and living in wife’s earning. She is earning 7000 per month and they need to lead the life with their son. We some close friends decided to bring him to form again. Please let us know how to face the consequences if he tracked. Sudarshan says he had written to all banks stating his position with mistakes of banks which made him helpless more. He says he also mentioned that he is unable to repay anything and he will come back only if he returned to his position back. He also says his credit score with CIBIL was 650+ by the time he left Chennai. Even though he is afraid to claim for insolvency in court. He needs to work at least 5 years to eligible for making repayment. We are not sure because of his age. How to open an account with bank without giving his pan card (since 7 years no tax returns filed) Can we suggest him to get another pan card in different name? Because companies give him cheques and he doesn’t have an account right now. Being a friend I like to say that living is his rights and I have decided help me to come back. Please analyses this issue in humanity and suggest a way out. Making repayment is his faith. First he must live comfortably.