live in relationship

Hi.i want to ask tht i was in a live in relationship with a man for 8 yrs.when i met him i was pregnant fr 3 mnths by my previous boy frnd who ditched me.n this person named my child.i stayed in his family as a wife daughter in law etc never married legally.v had started up a bzness & run fr 5 yrs.he was torturing me hitting me a lot during 8 yrs of relation.thn i left him 1&1/2 yrs nw i came to know via via tht he expired in nov now my query is that all my documents r named on him.which i wanna his parents must b hvng can i go to take it legally.means its my right o not.n also can a biological father becomes lefally father of a child bcoz the birth certificate has his name.n also whthr i can call myslf his wife legally n claim some from his parents.bcoz i stayed with him for 8 yrs as whn i lft him i ddnt ask for anything.pls reply as now m struggling for earning n all.i tried to contact hos brother bt he ddnt reply me.i dd each n evrything as a wife in his family n friends all peopl knw me as his wofe.i hv my adhaar card pan card my sons birth certifacte stating his name in i m asking u this as i dont hv time n money to run aftr lawyers.pls help