Due Settlement on Absconding from work

Hello, My query is regarding a situation of a Private Ltd. Company asking an absconding employee for settlement of Dues. In my case I Joined this company .. went to office for four - five days.. went on a pre-planned leave for about 12 days.. then resigned on account of my mothers medical condition... Shared my mothers Medical Certificates too with the employer. I was asked to join back and serve notice period. I said i cannot due to medical emergency. So in another fifteen twenty days they sent me a termination letter. Quote from the termination mail "as informed in previous mail communications, you are required to join back to work and serve three months’ notice period else you will be considered as absconding from the records of the Organization and your services will be terminated on immediate basis. In view of failure to abide by the process, you are deemed as absconding and are terminated from the services on an immediate basis." Next at the end of month I also got Salary credited. I another two months i get a letter to pay my Settlement dues on account of my not serving notice period. Please explain what are the possible outcomes and what are my rights and what course of action can employer take if do not pay the notice Period dues.