Unmeans activity of Boyfriend

Hello Sir/Ma'am, I am into a relationship with a guy from last 2.5 years. He is a Brahmin, which I am not; and which ultimately is obstructing to get us married. As quoted by my BF, coz of this caste problem his family will get humiliated from the society and from the relatives and hence he will not be able to marry me. After listening to this I very clearly asked him to just be friends and not to continue with such kind of GF-BF relationship; where personally I expect commitment and want to get settle down with that guy only whom I love. But from that very first date he never allowed me to leave him and just move on. I love him, infact I love him a lot and want to get marry with him. To get this thing done I can try my best by any means in convincing his family so that our marriage can happen smoothly under everyone’s consent and further we can also live a happy life. But that guy never ever have strongly tried to convince his family and not even allowed me in fact is allowing me to leave him. We got intimated also coz of all these sentiments and emotions. Somehow I personally blame me for this as I could have never allowed him for this. Very first day when we got intimated, I was having fever and was alone at my home. There was no one to look after me and at night my condition started getting worse and then I asked him to come down to my place. However he first insisted to come down. And then it just because of this bullshit emotions and sentiments, we got flowed away. As time passed by he started abusing me. Specially after having a drink, he just starts uttering each and every bad slangs. I many times asked him to control on his language. But till date he has not changed. Then finally he said that you gave me an amount of 10 Lac and then I will marry you. He kept on repeating this for many days and then just to cross check him I said “OK, go and speak to your family about our marriage, I will give you that money”. But then after some time he again started commenting that you are not good looking and you are not fair; and I want a very beautiful wife for me. The story will get long, so better to cut it down. Considering the truth that keeping aside all my feeling and emotions, I could have just ignored him and could have not stopped despite of his effort; my question is: 1. When a person know about his limitations and family boundations; then also he keep on using another person, somehow plays with her. It is justified? 2. Can a person can ever use or comment bad language or humiliate another person?? 3. In Indian Legal System, is there is any option available to punish such kind of people who gives more priority to caste than an individual and who plays or cheat a person??? I am seriously seeking help coz a person can never ever do any kind of injustice with other person and if he/she does he should get punish so as to not repeat the mistake again. At the end it is the matter of someone’s life, feelings, emotions and trust. Regards, An Indian Girl