Non completion of project & failure to hand over possession

I had booked 4 flats in Chembur - 2 in my wife's name & 2 in my name. In the case of my Wife's flat I am Co owner and the flat in my name my Wife is Co owner. I had booked the flat in 2006 & registered in Dec 206 & Jan 2007. Value of each flat ranged between Rs 40 Lakhs to Rs 52 Lakhs Possession was to be given in Dec 2006 & June 2007. I made advance payment to motivate the builder to build my flats & hand over possession disregarding the payment schedule. By 2009 I paid up 85.67 % . Internally my flat is 75 % complete, externally building is about 45 % complete. This was redvelopment plan. The tenents of Old structure were given possession of Shops on Ground Floor & Flats on Floor 1 to 5 in A & B Wing. My flats are in D wing. There are 5 others of which 1 has flat in D wing & 4 in C Wing. C & D wings have been offered for sale to Public. Can I Claim before Consumer Court 1. Possession Of Flat 2. Interest @ 3 % per month from due date of Possession till Possession. I am suggesting 3 % per month as the Builder is his letters on several occasions demanded 3 % interest on delayed payment. However, there was no delayed payment made but advance payment dsregarding the payment schedule. 3. Direction to the Builder that he rents out the Flat in the Local Area or Give Rs 50,000 as Lease Rent & Rs 5 lakhs as deposit for each of the flat. 4. Rs 5.00 Lakhs as Compensation for Mental Torture, Agony & Pain 5. Cost of Litigation 6. Documentation Charges 7. Travel Expenses from Residence to Court 8. Any Other Compensation.