Neighbor on the adjacent site is encroaching govt. land

There used to be canal near our place, but then it got paved to make way for a road. When they were making that road, a JCB broke our wall. So, we called up the authorities who told us "We will remake this wall, but please know that you are occupying atleast 8 feet of govt land." end of part 1 On 4th Jan, out of the blue, someone starts constructing a shed right next to our house (on that 8+5 more feet of land) , which would block half our windows. People were called again, the construction stopped and we were told that "The concerned authorities will Look into the matter" Then someone gave us this brilliant idea that may be we should ask the irrigation dept for a proof, as to how much land actually comes under their ownership. So, I wrote an obligatory letter. [Sic] since a road is now available, we would like to build a small entrance on 'that' side (we weren't really making one, but it seemed like a good enough reason) , so if you could give us the proof, or record... now comes the major part our neighbor had sold that entire strip to someone in 2012 , who sold it to someone, who sold it to someone. And today, we got a summon this is a tl;dr of that summon I, insert female's name would like to complain against ----. On 4th jan, OP started opening a door on our property, and we had to struggle a lot to get them stop. It's my land, i have had it registered with nagar nigam and everything. The hearing is in first week of Feb a) What are my options? What I have done so far A) sent out applications and got receiving from atleast 4 major authorities, including the S.D.M about the alleged 'encroachment' B) take photos of the alleged construction, and a video of a guy doing 'tarai' using neighbor ka water supply