Mental Harrasment

Hi everyone, I'm married since Dec 2014, it was an arranged marriage however we had an opportunity to meet n talk in London. Just to give you a short summary about myself I went abroad to do my master's and was working there. Apparently my husband also lived in the United Kingdom this whole proposal came up n we agreed to get married. Before getting married I explained my husband that I have few commitments that is to repay my student loan which I want pay it off myself also asked his opinion about working after marriage. He agreed to everything n seemed to be a nice guy. After we got married my husband changed everything we spoke he doesn't want me to work n also told me that my dad should repay my loan.Since I loved him I agreed to his way we lived less than a month together before he departed to the uk we had applied for a dependent visa to join him it got refused due to not providing an important document as part of the application we had given grounds to appeal but my husband denied to make an appeal he advised me it would be easier to make a new application meanwhile staying with in laws things started to get difficult n they dropped the whole idea of sending me to the U.K. My in laws got my travel documents n my credentials n certificate I have asked them several times to give me back they are threatening me n telling me to write n give them that I'm no longer interested to live with their son. My husband also giving me hard times talking about he doesn't want me and looking to remarry. I live in with my parents for the past since six months. My husband never gave me any maintenance until now even while I stayed at inlaws I had to get my basic essentials from my sister in law n mother in law makes my life miserable making false accusation about me to him always creating problems between us. My husband is soon getting his citizenship from the uk since last year he hasn't applied for my visa nor came down to visit me till now. I'm thinking of going n staying at inlaws cause apparently they are looking for bride for him. If I live there I believe they cannot do anything nor anyone would be willing to look for a groom I'm scared to live there on my own please advice me what can be done on this situation please . Is it a good idea to go live there n wait until he comes down ? And we make a decision Or what is appropriate? I want to live with my husband but then he talks different at different times he doesn't have stability plus always depends on his sister n mother for making a decision. I'll really appreciate all your quick response I'm so stressed out being at home idle not working n not knowing any thing about where this is going ..