mentally harassed and cheated by college

Sir! Am final year student of (hi-tech Institute of Engineering college which comes under Uttar pradesh technical university , U.P) Problem :- we had our final year project of mechanical on 4/06/14 where i met an car accident , one of my friend who luckly passes through that road had rescue me because i was faint from accident and he admitted in hospital whose name is (Avadhesh kumar) and staying with me because my family was not there for some medical procedure they need to consult family first before major operation , after he called up the mechanical faculty and H.O.D but they dont give dam to it and said "we don't know anything nor we care or bothered about him" and also said you people have to come to college for your presentation , so Mr. avadhesh tried hard to inform college director and chairman but that time they are not available , after my family reached to hospital(Asia columbia) i was admitted and operation took place my lips are get damaged , front teeth are damaged or broken , nose mucus bust and forehead , chest and left knee got hurted.. After some time pass , my friend getting calls from college and asked where you people and he told the whole scenario to the faculty but the (H.O.D) said he does't care about accident and dined to talk to my mother , but during my operation my friend getting scolded ,insulted by the faculty on phone calls , after operation done , after a lot struggle i was decide to go to the college because its our final year project presentation and tell us them and convinced them about my major accident , but after reaching college and we directly rush to ( H.O.D ) ,but he insulted us like anything ,scolded us, abused us after that one of faculty come and asked to sign the attendance sheet , we signed it ,that a moment he says get out from here and not taken our presentation and also said external is not there but he is there , we begging him please to give us chance but he didn't , after 10 mins my family come to visit to vice chairman and tell us about my major accident but unfortunately the VC and director are not available that time , but student welfare dean is there and he told my parents not to worry about my presentation he will take care of it ( special case if a student met an accident) and he called one of our faculty from mechanical and told him and consider us in special cases have mercy on them because i unable to spoke due to surgery , after a lot of discussion he promises us (student welfare dean) and assured us for to take care of our marks , that we don't suffer or get less mark. but on 30/06/14 our result is flashed and we got lowest marks in final year project (150/250) marks only particularly we two people are getting the lowest marks in whole Ncr region college or also in our college .. Marking structure of project representation = total 350 marks carries for final year project ( *100 is for internal and *250 for external) we lost 100 marks which carries a huge percent to get a good job ,but now our career in dark , B'tech is all about *final year project * but we are in dark now.. and {{{most funny thing is that we got third prize in our project and get certificate for our presentation in tech fest of our college and we got internal ( 92/100) but because H.O.D monopoly we are in dark side , we didn't find any way to restore our marks ,which we deserve . only we both get these number (150/250) , but in our college and also other colleges in noida , ghaziabad no one get less 230 marks ( 230/250) and a also the duffer student also get 236, 240 out of 250 marks in final year project which is basically in the power of college hands ,but we are cheated , mentally harassed and now in dark. please help us give a way to restore our mark and fight for our in justice.. please anyone give us support or give us a right and legal procedure.